Heat Your Summer Event Up With IVS

Park events, barbeques, rallies, political events, movie nights, weddings, block parties, festivals, Fourth of July celebrations, camping trips, company picnics, and…

Interactive Vision Solutions can help you with any of your audio and visual needs – and then some. Or you can rent all your audio needs at https://www.gseav.com/services/av-equipment/.

Need chairs and tables for your summer event? Tell us what you need and we’ll set you up with the right equipment to make your event sizzle this summer.

Three Unique Ways Interactive Vision Solutions Can Make Your Outdoor Event Better

  1. Inflatable Movie Screens – Looking for a way to add some excitement to your next social gathering?

    Inflatable screens are great for family reunions, community gatherings, company picnics, and all types of outdoor events. Inflatable movie screens are easy to setup, versatile in use, and allow you to add an entertaining element to an existing event at an affordable price.

  2. Pipe & Drape – Does your wedding need an extra splash of color? Need a creative barrier at an outdoor festival?

    We can bring all of your existing visual elements together with a pipe and drape setup that dazzles and accentuates any event. Our drapes are available in all colors so color-matching your wedding or business colors is no problem. Call us today to book your wedding ceremony/reception, festival, outdoor exhibit or other event today.

  3. Electrical Generators – Is your event headed outdoors and not sure if you’ll have all of the power requirements you need?

    In addition to providing all of the sound and lighting equipment you need, we can set you up with all of the appropriate electrical needs as well. Don’t be caught in the dark this summer and let us help you reach new heights with your outdoor event. Call 212-729-4305 and ask about available generators.

Summer Event Planning and A/V Solutions

Summer is finally here! Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, is less than two weeks away and even though the weather may not be showing it I’m sure those summer event dates circled on your calendar are inching ever closer with much to be done.Image result for event planning

Let Interactive Vision Solutions help you. Even though you may think we’re just an audio/video rental company, including the use of the equipment and storage system, you can Find out more on choosing HDD vs SDD for video storage. We can provide you more services than that, especially for summertime:

Let us be your event coordinators: With close to 15 years of experience in the industry I have personally seen every type of event triumph and the occasional disaster and I know how to avoid the pitfalls that come from unfocused event planning. I can work with you and your project planning team to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch. Image result for video and audioPlanning events is not easy and unless you have a team devoted specifically to the event you are at risk of forgetting small details that threaten to reverse the success of the project. As the old saying goes, “the devil is in the details”. Events, presentations, and meetings will not usually be hindered by a big problem but the impact of these events and presentations will be minimized by the small details that go unnoticed in the planning stages. Don’t let your project suffer because you don’t have time.

Call me at 212-729-4305 and let me help you plan your next event so it has the biggest impact possible.

Go further with a battery powered sound system, receivers and wireless microphones this summer: One of the little things, as I mentioned, is that people restrict their event from the best location simply because of venue limitations, like electrical hookup. IVS can take you where you want to go by providing solutions that solve the problems you encounter. The presence and the reliability of electricity outdoor venues can be spotty but don’t let that hold you back. I can provide you with battery-powered sound systems and other solutions that increase the ‘mobility’ of your event and place you where you want to be – whether it’s a public park/space or another venue with inherent restrictions.

IVS is more than sound equipment – we can provide you with chairs for your outdoor/indoor event, lighting to the set the proper mood with your audience, and every audio/visual need in between.
Summer is a busy season with Memorial Day, the 4th of July, outdoor rallies and more – Interactive Vision Solutions is here for you, let me know how I can help you.

Gene Shapiro
President & CEO