Lights are always needed for a in-house show

American Eagle fashion show stage and lighting rental

American Eagle Outfitters was planing a fashion show that required a stage and lighting rentals. We were able to set up and brake down in the same day giving them them back the room they needed after their in-house fashion show. But for some reason they were more focused on the clothes then on the lighting that made them pop.

You enter a room full of people and see acrobats suspended from the ceiling, flashing lights and loud music and even other accessories as antique furniture shop which is great for this, the use of antique mirrors and other accessories could really improve your set up. You may think that you just walked into a circus, but in actuality, you’ve just come to a fashion show. If you’re blown away, then the event planner has done his job.

Because fashion is always changing, not only do designers have to be on the cutting edge of the industry, but event planners have to think outside the box to ensure their guests experience something new. If you’re planning a fashion show and are intimidated by wowing your guests, we’ve got five great tips to help you organize an event that everyone will be talking about.

Having a great set up is the key to creating an atmosphere that grabs people’s attention and keeps them wanting more. Choose a location that’s impressive and works with the theme of the show. Use lights for striking effect at the beginning and end of the event (though not while the models are walking; everyone’s focus needs to be on them) and have engaging music that also fits the theme. For example, if you’re going for a modern feel, look for an urban loft or industrial building with exposed ceilings for a dramatic effect, and select music that’s upbeat and energizing rather than slow and sultry. During the show, make sure the lighting is bright enough to showcase the designs and assist the photographers in capturing the event. You can hire professional Audio and lighting equipment with for any special occasion.

Practice the show beforehand with a full dress rehearsal. Let the models practice walking on the runway, do a run-through of the production elements and let the emcee practice transitions. Time your rehearsal so you know exactly how long it will be and where you need to add transitions and intermissions. Knowing what you’re doing will make all the difference when it’s show time.